Your Assessment

Your 1st assessment, what to expect…

Prevention is definitely better than cure- that's why your first assessment will come with a detailed evaluation. Our goal is to identify the cause of the injury rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Our several methods of assessment include:

Gait analysis

This looks at all the components involved during walking or running. It also recognizes any imbalances and untypical patterns that may be an indirect result of injuries.

Postural Assessment

This can help identify muscle imbalances . A personalized treatment plan based on your posture helps to reduce the risk of re-injuring your current complaint plus minimizing the chance of potential injuries occurring.

Injury Assessment

Muscle and joint testing determines the type and severity of the injury in order to recommend the best treatment.

The Services We Offer:

  • Sports Massage
  • Electrotherapy
  • Sports massage
  • Pitch side support during games & training sessions
  • Rehabilitation Programmes
  • Injury Prevention & Treatment
  • Nutritional Advice

What to bring with you:

You may be required to undress to your underwear for your treatment - this allows for full assessment and treatment- please wear suitable clothes and bring a t shirt and shorts if you would prefer to wear these.

To contact us for an appointment please call us on 0208 935 5273 or email

Your Assessment

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